Litigation has traditionally been the core practice in Pavlenko Legal Group.

Within this practice lawyers act as a tightly-knit  special purpose team while making plan for legal defence or offence in any complexity conflicts. Among the cases handled by the team there are quite a number of landmark ones, well-known court battles, high-profile and publicly-covered conflicts.

Well-known national and international companies of various sectors of economy entrust us with  their legal disputes and complex litigation wars settlement.

Among successfully resolved legal disputes, the larger part is taken by  high-profile and public disputes covered by the media, and also those being landmark ones for particular business sectors or having high social significance.

Apart from attorneys Pavlenko Legal Group team also comrises  accredited mediators and international arbitrators as well as lawyers specializing in  Client  representation in the European Court of Human Rights.

The main areas of this practice include:

  • Analysis of legal proceeding prospects
  • Development of legal action strategy and tactics including building and realization of Client`s PR- protection
  • Case litigation in courts of various jurisdictions and instances. Court decision implementation within enforcement proceeding
  • Legal support for negotiation processe aimed at out-of-court dispute settlement and conclusion of amicable agreement