Government Relations

Synergy is stronger than manipulations! GR-experts civilized work proves this advantage!

Strategic Government Relations
  • Government and Parliamentary Communications
  • Building Strategic Cooperation with Central State Public Bodies
  • Regional Field
  • Professional Legal and Lawmaking Component

Only well-built interrelation between the state and utilities sector can influence the politics and people who make decisions.  This synergy of public and private sectors through civilized dialogue can develop new legislation – the task which is beyond the scope of each taken separately.

We represent Clients through three components:
[invicta_steps icon_1=”icon-briefcase” icon_2=”icon-book” icon_3=”icon-comments” name_1=”Politics” name_2=”Law” name_3=”Communications”]
[invicta_testimonial author_name=”Oleksandra Pavlenko” author_country=”ua” author_photo=”11131″ source_url=”” source_name=”Senior Partner Pavlenko Legal Group”]Creating long-term and strong relations with politics is essential for any company. It is impossible to build a being-in-the-market strategy with no impact made on the legislative framework and expectations of its improvement. Our network covers the entire public arena – we help our Clients establish relations that support their businesses within legislative strategies


National Legislation through Political Prism
  • Comprehensive analysis of local legislation
  • Correlation with international law standards
  • In-depth industrial regulation
  • Political research in terms of legislative expectations
  • Strategic legislative planning and development of laws
  • Governmental and parliamentary information gathering and analysis
  • Analysis of regulatory impact
  • Direct involvement in protection of legislative projects
  • Realization of campaigns on introduction of legislative innovations

Lobbying is a civilized influencing the key governmental decisions. It is a strong bridge between the state and business. Recognizing the power of this synergy leads to mutually profitable cooperation and prosperity.

Litigation Projects Support

Litigation is our strong practice area component where the team experts work namely as efficient crisis trial attorneys. It enables our Clients to make clear strategy of their court cases and possible lawsuits.

A legal action may jeopardize corporate reputation and impair government-company relations efficiency in crucial time for our Clients. Our legal analysts will prepare comprehensive and accurate information and deliver it properly to the audience which can influence the reputational background.

Any full-scope lawsuit turmoil may leave our Clients safe and sound only due to the proper professional legal communication with international practice of legal proceedings applied. We help our Clients win both outside and inside of the courtroom.

Political Monitoring

Authorized bodies’ decisions can affect companies’ activity in various industries at any time. Thus, timely information on the initiatives and government decision-making projects is crucial for any sector of the economy. We provide support to our Clients on a day-to-day basis while monitoring the key decisions and giving prior advice on the impact of such decisions and possible risks involved. When we know what is anticipatory or undesirable for our Client we stay one step ahead ourselves.

[invicta_testimonial author_name=”Oleksandra Pavlenko” author_country=”ua” author_photo=”11131″ source_url=”” source_name=”Senior Pavlenko Legal Group”]In Ukraine the period of making particular government decisions behind closed doors is over.  Experts in various economic sectors and professional lawyers as a thin golden thread have entered almost all power structures with the sole aim – to build new legislative realities. Our Clients receive effective rules of law according to which their business begins to operate even today


Reverse Movement
  • Support to politicians with organization of expert dialogues in various law fields
  • Working out draft laws for deputy groups
  • Participation in legal examination committees
  • Applying international rule-making experience
  • Correlation of existing projects with EC Directives and International Treaties binding for Ukraine

We protect not only the interests of business in the public sector, but also of state against possible manipulative business strategies. It is a reverse movement facing the political sector.

Handling Special Needs and Interests Groups
  • Identifying special needs and interests groups within Client’s positional field
  • Building a dialogue
  • Working upon compromises
  • Legislative synergy and exchange of mutual concessions
  • Media coverage