In the modern world, which looks like a kaleidoscope of events and faces, it is very important to find your place. Ask yourself burning question – “What are my values ​​and with whom do I want to develop them?” Finding a team of like-minded people is a great success in life.

If you are seeking not only professional development and career growth, but also the opportunity to become something more – we invite you to Pavlenko Legal Group.

We have been creating new things in the world of law for more than 10 years! We are first in the country who have officially launched the practice of Government Relations at one time. We have created a lot of precedents defending the clients’ interests in the courts. We are skilled in implementation of corporate law at different enterprises very individually. We keep confidentiality even in those cases, in which the experience is worth speaking in terms of its significance. We do not just provide legal services for our clients, but become reliable partners for them for the whole life.

In our team you will get a unique opportunity to create and go beyond the limits. You will build your own “personal brand of a lawyer”, making a corporate contribution to the team game.

If you are a professional with huge experience, it will be interesting for us to apply your skills for the benefit of our clients. If you are just beginning your way, we will teach you the art of small steps towards success.