Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Pavlenko Legal Group is convinced: doing your own job, we can give the World more! Every business including ours should be interested not only in gaining profit, but also in creating benefits for society, sowing the seeds of goodness, development and prosperity. Society is the foundation. And even the state is its derivative creation, which truly reflects the society itself. The awareness of our own responsibility for what is happening around us is one of the indicators of the maturity of person and business. Striving for common prosperity is a culture of world view.

Our main principle is creation of additional values ​​for the society and the state in the course of our professional activity. We share opportunities and resources. As part of corporate social responsibility, Pavlenko Legal Group implements the following projects:

  • psychological support of the nation by conducting Like Camp for teenagers from orphanages;
  • transfer of legal experience to young generation, which undergoes the period of formation in our country;
  • popularization of the principles of corporate social responsibility within the framework of video projects creation;
  • art for children in the format of educational lectures and practical exercises;
  • spread of principles of non-toxic, socially oriented business conduct.

All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “You Can”

The All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “You Can” was founded by our senior partner Oleksandra Pavlenko. The mission of the Foundation is to strengthen mental health of the nation and increase the overall level of human happiness. Thus, we are implementing psychological support projects helping to improve the emotional background of the Ukrainian population and strengthening the resilience to meet today challenges through internal mental and spiritual support. These are projects for children and teenagers, the main goal of which is to provide support to the younger generation, give them confidence in themselves in achieving their aims, strengthen them psychologically and spiritually.

The team of the Foundation focuses on mental health of the nation, as we believe that everyone has the right to live healthy and productive life, be free and independent, have the opportunity to change this world for the better. And the best changes begin with us and our healthy thinking.

The Foundation “You can” cooperates with Ukrainian charitable foundations, representatives of business and public organizations. We work in the direction of establishing relations with foreign funds for strong and productive cooperation on the territory of Ukraine. We also actively cooperate with governmental bodies in order to spread psychological support tools for working with socially vulnerable population and form the appropriate institutions at the national level.

You can learn more about the ativities of the Foundation on its official page.

Psychological support camp for teenagers from orphanages “Like Camp”

The most important and powerful project of the Foundation is the annual camp of psychological support for teenagers from orphanages “Like Camp – like your life” (13-18 years).

The main goal of camps is to help teenagers to balance their psychological state, find internal resources, accept themselves and their life scenarios, start with a blank sheet with positive mood. Such topics as healthy nutrition and sports, human mind and body, sleep, longevity, practices of love, forgiveness and meditation are covered. The project has the team of psychologists, psychotherapists, mentors, fitness trainers, nutritionists, life coaches, as well as specialists in spiritual practices and physical psychology.

The camps are held every year in spring and autumn as part of the annual support of teenagers being in the Foundation’s program. We cooperate with family-type orphanages, as well as regional social centers. The duration of the program allows the participants to build positive changes and restore their inrernal resources.

You can watch the film-diary about the camp by the link .

Intercamp psychological support in the Telegram channel

For the purpose of the annual program of psychological support for teenagers from orphanages, the Foundation established the Telegram channel with regular specific information. After real meetings in the camps with specialists and group therapies, teenagers perform tasks on the Telegram channel every week. It helps them to learn themselves, deal with emotions and manage them. So, they work hard waiting the second camp.
The main topics of the channel are the following: sports, healthy nutrition and sleep; how to use the advantages of social networks; environmental toxicity; “karmic seeds”; emotional intelligence; cultural development; your own place in the world; acceptance and self-assessment; passing through stress; motivation; spirituality; human values.

Pro Bono activities for the benefit of younger generation

We get inspiration by helping other people and being useful for them, doing our own business. Free educational projects are regularly supported by our company – partners and lawyers are lecturers at such platforms as Leadership in Law, Legal High School and others. They also organize exclusive mentor courses in the profession. This is important for us not only in terms of knowledge and experience interchange. We appreciate providing support to young people undergoing the period of formation in our country. We consider it to be our contribution to the chain of law school transfer. We believe that in this way we develop and improve the legal system of Ukraine as a whole.